Punto de Equilibrio

«Punto de Equilibrio» is an Argentinian craft brewery. We’ve worked together since 2011 creating their brand image, from the logo to every post in each one of their social media networks. During all this time I’ve created 8 different beer labels for each one of their styles. Each one has a unique and personal design, in order to follow their beer spirit. Each beer they make is unique, so is my work.

I’ve also created different design artworks which include their main brand manual, flyers, business cards, posters and many ongoing advertising campaigns. In 2015 I was also in charge of creating their website, that you can visit here. To see many of my daily design works or get in touch with them, you can click here.

The web development was done by Juan Pablo Sandoval.
Punto de Equilibrios’ photography was done by the talented Cómo/Como and Ona Fotoestudio.


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